Antonio Fusco

Antonio Fusco

Nationality: Italy

Antonio Fusco is one of the most interesting and original Italian Jazz drummers. Always helpful and attentive to new trends in jazz and music in general, is currently involved in various formations of the Italian and international jazz scene including,Giovanni Falzone Contemporary Orchestra and Giovanni Falzone 5et, Tino Tracanna Acrobat, Reem kelani Band & Bruno Heinen 4et & 5et. In 2011 he founded the project Antonio Fusco Sextet- “Suite For Motian”, a tribute to the great music of Bill Evans and the historic drummer Paul Motian (25th march 1931 – New York, 22th november 2011). He still plays and collaborated with important names of Italian and international jazz scene, including: Giovanni Falzone, Paolo Fresu, Tino Tracanna, Bebo Ferra, Paolino Dalla Porta, Antonio Zambrini, Roberto Cecchetto, Attilio Zanchi, Gigi Cifarelli,Garrison Fewell, Bruno Hinen, Peter Ewhald, and many others.

Message to CANOPUS

Canopus drums have a voice and unique sound ever found before. When I heard and tried (I remember in Milan during a concert of my colleague Adam Pache) for the first time a Canopus Drum I thought: " Wow ...I found my sound, this is my drums!" I never had a standard Kit because in terms of sound, I don’t have ever found the right balance. Canopus drums are fantastic, different; it is the perfect instrument with which I can continue my personal sound research.